Urnex Liquid Dezcal – 32 oz.




No, but seriously.. when was the last time your machine had a good bath? The Urnex Liquid Dezcal formula is designed to descale your home espresso machine with high efficiency for an active deep cleaning. Many machines will not sense any water in the tank if the mineral level is too low (ex: distilled water), but filtered water will slowly deposit minerals inside the hot water tank and boiler, or along other internal components, which will continue to build up with each use of the machine.

That said, much like changing the oil in your car, neglecting to descale your espresso machine will lead to a rapid decline in its performance over time. You’ll notice the espresso start to taste worse, and sooner than later your machine will just call it quits… nobody wants that! Give your brewer a steady diet of Urnex Liquid Dezcal to actually extend its service life and keep flavors tasting just as fresh as your first cup.

Using Liquid Dezcal on your Machine

  • Use a ratio of 1:10, Liquid Dezcal to Water
  • Pour solution into your machines’ water reservoir
  • Run through internal components by following instructions provided in your manual (each machine has its own system)
  • Flush machine 2-3 times with clean filtered water


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