Rocket Triple Filter Basket – 21g




Rocket Espresso’s Triple Filter Basket is made to hold 21 grams of finely ground coffee for an output of three ounces of espresso (a.k.a. 3 shots).

But let’s talk about why you’re really here… Who here has ever been caught in that tricky situation where you really just need three shots, but you’ve only got the tools to make two shots at a time? In that position, we are left with a few options: 1. Settle with just two shots, and experience true sadness, 2. Make double the amount of coffee, and feel extra zippy for the day (who needs sleep?), or 3. Make four shots, but only collect from one spout so that half your pulled espresso is abandoned into the drip tray.

Welcome To the Future: We have triple baskets here! This three shot basket will increase the amount of espresso you can pull at one time so that your choices aren’t limited to either two or four shots – you can settle right in with a solid 3 shots of espresso.

Sizing in at 58mm, this basket will fit neatly into any portafilter from the Rocket Espresso line. This basket should also fit well into any portafilter that matches its 58mm diameter size (including, for example, the Rancilio Silvia


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