Rocket Espresso Backflush Tablets – 16 Ct




A clean machine is a happy machine! Keep your brew head and solenoid sparkling clean and free of debris with this Rocket Espresso Backflush Tablets by Cafetto. Well-loved in Australia and New Zealand for their cleaning supplies, Cafetto is also Rocket Espresso’s cleaner of choice! Backflushing only takes a few minutes, and helps keep you machine pulling shots like new! This pressed-tablet version offers more convenience than regular powder backflush detergents.

How to Use Rocket Espresso Backflush Tablets

  • Step 1 – drop a tablet into your blind basket and lock in the portafilter.
  • Step 2 – Pull shots! 5 rounds at 10 seconds each. You should see a little bit of soap and discharge residue from your solenoid valve.
  • Step 3 – Rinse out your portafilter and wipe/scrub your brew screen to remove excess cleaner.
  • Step 4 – Replace the portafilter (with blind basket still installed) and pump more water through your solenoid, 10 rounds at 5 seconds each.
  • Step 5 – Replace the blind basket with a regular basket and pull a shot of coffee (to be dumped).


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