Rancilio Commercial Portafilter – Double




Rancilio Commercial Portafilter – Double

Designed to improve upon your cafe and commercial machine experience, the Rancilio Commercial Portafilter with Double Spout features an extended spout and ergonomic handle to accommodate for the frequency of use that can be expected in a cafe setting. While regular portafilter spouts are shorter for home machines, the Rancilio commercial spouts are designed to fit with commercial machine dimensions so that your espresso will pour steadily into your shot glass without splashing or creating temperature drops due to a higher fall. Although this portafilter is intended for use with commercial espresso machines, it will fit most Rancilio espresso machines including the Silvia, the Classe 7 S, Classe 7 S Compact, Classe 9 USB, Classe 9 USB Tall, Epoca E 1, Epoca S 1, Epoca S Tank 1.


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