Joe Glo Espresso Machine Backflush Detergent Cleaner




To backflush your espresso machine and keep it working (and keep your espresso tasting) like a dream, go with the Joe Glo Espresso Machine Backflush Detergent Cleaner. This premium quality, fast-acting, low-foaming espresso machine backflush detergent completely removes residual coffee oils, odors and flavors from your group heads, lines and valves. Joe Glo even contains a water softener to help prevent scale buildup. An added bonus: Joe Glo also cleans and deodorizes your portafilters, screens, shot glasses, glass pots, airpots, urns, thermos, utensils and steam pitchers in a snap. The detergent cleaner even works wonders on crusty steam wands. Just soak them for a couple of minutes and they’re sparkling clean.


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