Eureka 65mm Replacement Burrs




Keep your grinder going like new with these replacement burr sets from Eureka! Choose from 65mm hardened steel, sturdy titanium, or heat-resistant Red Speed finishes for your home or commercial grinder. You’ll find 65mm burrs in Eureka Atom 65, Zenith, and Rocket Espresso Macinatore Fausto grinders.

Which Burr Set is Right for You?

  • Steel – The base material for most burrs. These are all you need for home use, but have the shortest service life for commercial applications
  • Diamond Inside – Cryogenically treated steel for sharper, longer-lasting burrs! These burrs are an excellent pick for long-term precision
  • Titanium – A titanium coating over a steel core, titanium burrs offer a significantly longer service life for commercial settings
  • Red Speed – An aluminum-titanium combo coating, this further increases service life of the burr, and purportedly adds heat-buildup resistance as well


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