Breville Bottomless Portafilter for Dual Boiler & Oracle




Designed exclusively for use with the Breville Dual Boiler, Oracle, and Oracle Touch espresso machines, the Breville Bottomless Portafilter fits snugly against the 58mm brew head. Perfect your shot by watching it extract drop by precious drop. Made of stainless steel with a 5 inch long black handle and a stainless steel end cap, the overall length is 8.5 inches.

The Breville Bottomless Portafilter is designed specifically for the Dual Boiler BES900 & BES920 models, as well as the Oracle BES980 and Touch BES990 models. It is not interchangeable with other Breville models or other brands that have 58mm brew heads and does not come with a filter basket. It uses the included selection of filter baskets that come with your Breville Dual Boiler, Oracle, or Oracle Touch machine.


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