Airscape Coffee Bean Canister – 32 oz




Tired of dried out, stale beans? That brown waxed bag from the grocery wasn’t meant to hold them forever, you know? Upgrade your bean storage with the Airscape Coffee Bean Canister. Holding up to 32 liquid ounces (or 8 ounces of whole coffee beans), this restaurant-grade stainless steel canister features a specifically designed lid that removes air from inside the canister so that your coffee and espresso beans stay fresh longer.

Please Note: Planetary Designs has updated the Airscape lid to no longer contain the inner plastic node that was originally featured on the inside of the clear lid. Per Planetary Designs, the inner plastic node was not functional and was only there as an aesthetic design. The new lid has a very small gasket at the very center of the lid, for a more sleek, updated look.